Coleman CHT10 Headlamp

Check out the Coleman CHT10 Headlamp here:

Coleman’s top of the range headlamp, that’s also super affordable – the CH10 Headlamp is great for kids or general campers alike.

This headlamp features 5 different modes, provides 100 lumens, has a positive feel switch, a secure battery compartment, a pivoting head, and a battery indicator light – so it will have your basic illumination needs covered outdoors.

In this video, our gear guru Keeta takes you through all the features and how to use the CHT10 Headlamp from Coleman.

She starts out with what in the package, how to open the battery component to add the batteries in, the materials used, and the dimensions. Then she demonstrates cycling through the different settings, how to adjust the headband and tilt the head, and tests the beam distance – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – What’s included?
0:34 – Battery compartment
1:02 – Materials
1:12 – Waterproof rating
1:20 – Weight & dimensions
1:33 – Settings & runtime
1:51 – In use demonstration

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