Coleman Outdoor Blanket Single

Check out the Coleman Outdoor Blanket Single here:

Don’t get your doona dirty while you huddle around the campfire on your next camping trip, instead snuggle up in the Outdoor Blanket from Coleman.

This blanket is designed with a wave-like stitch running along the 177cm length and features a quilted construction so the fibres won’t clump up. It features hollow polyester insulation called Coletherm to keep you cosy and it’s machine washable making it a breeze to keep clean when the adventure is over.

In this video, our gear expert Ben gives you all the details on the Single Outdoor Blanket from Coleman. He starts out by showing you what it looks like packed up, how much it weighs, the materials, construction, and insulation.

Then he tells you the in-use dimensions, the comfort rating you should use it in, how to clean it and demonstrates packing it up for storage and transport – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Packed size & weight
0:24 – Carry bag & materials
0:51 – In-use dimensions
1:25 – Comfort rating & cleaning it
1:45 – Packing it away

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