Dirty Bird Chicken Burger | Camp Cooking with Cam

‘Easy, quick, and really tasty!’

In this episode, Cam’s butterflied poultry cut collides mid-flight with the humble potato to deliver a kick-butt winner of a campsite chicken dinner: the Dirty Bird Chicken Burger with cold oil chips.

Curb the campsite cravings with a smack of spice that shakes hands with sugar. Catch Cam, his cabbage, and his craft here – plus more, every Sunday from 6pm.

Need a copy for the campsite? See the full episode here:

Dirty Bird Chicken Burger

00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Crank the Heat
00:50 – Prepare the Coleslaw
01:52 – Prepare the Chips
02:37 – Add the Grill Plate
02:57 – Strain the Potatoes
03:23 – Cook the Potatoes
03:58 – Prepare the Chicken
05:03 – Cook the Chicken
05:27 – Watch the Potatoes!
05:40 – Turn the Chicken
06:05 – Turn the Potatoes
06:14 – Check the Chicken
06:29 – Prepare the Bun
06:58 – Assemble the Dirty Bird
07:51 – The Finished Product

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