Solostove’s Pi Fire Pizza Ovens For Your Solostove Fire Pit



Solostove’s Pi Fire Pizza Ovens For Your Solostove Fire Pit

With fall well underway and winter fast approaching for much of the United States, outdoor get together are becoming quite scarce for all but the most well-prepared. You can join the fun this winter too with Solostove’s new Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon Pi Fire pizza oven and fire pit combo that combines Solostoves renowned smokeless fire pit technology with their new Pi Fire setup that allows you to keep warm and heat up some good grub for the whole gang no matter what kind of weather you find yourself in.

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Solostove's Pi Fire Pizza Ovens For Your Solostove Fire Pit

Solostove’s Pi Fire Pizza Ovens For Your Solostove Fire Pit

Solo Stove, a home and outdoor lifestyle brand within the Solo Brands (NYSE: DTC) portfolio is excited to share the launch of Pi Fire, the first pizza oven designed to be used with a dedicated fire pit. After releasing the Pi backyard pizza oven earlier this year, Solo Stove is thrilled to provide customers with another pizza making tool. Pi Fire leverages functionality from Solo Stove’s Pi pizza oven, but is uniquely designed to cook pizza over a wood fire pit. The exterior skirt captures the flames’ heat and directs it toward the stone and crust of the pizza, while an inverted demi-dome shape maximizes radiant heating of the top of the pizza. Craving s’mores and pizza? Pi Fire’s long legs provide the clearance needed to bake pizza while still letting you enjoy the fire pit for its traditional uses–so you can operate Pi Fire and access your fire pit at the same time.

Pi Fire is designed for you to relax around the fire while enjoying a leisurely pizza cooking experience. Once the fire is lit, Pi Fire should be ready to cook pizza within 30-45 minutes or when the stone has reached 500-600F degrees. And after launching the pizza, the cooking process should span five to ten minutes, requiring just a few turns of the pizza for an even bake. The results: An extra-crunchy, artisan, grade pizza for you and your loved ones to enjoy while relaxing around the warmth of a smokeless fire.

Pi Fire will be sold in three sizes, compatible with the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon sizes of Solo Stove fire pits. Pi Fire is also compatible with most of Solo Stove’s existing fire pit accessories,  such as the Surround for protection, Shield to block embers, Sticks to cook s’mores, and Tools to add logs and stoke the fire. Pi Fire is made to be highly portable with its included carry case, so that Pi Fire and artisan-quality pizza can go wherever your fire pit goes. A pair of Solo Stove’s heat-resistant gloves is also included with the purchase of Pi Fire.

Clint Mickle, President of Solo Stove, said, “We have been overwhelmed with the response we’ve received with the launch of Pi this year. One thing we heard from our community was the desire to incorporate our fire pits with the pizza oven. We are so excited to offer our customers the experience of a pizza dinner, and the calmness of a night by the fire, together, in one portable and easy to use product.”

Solostove's Pi Fire Pizza Ovens For Your Solostove Fire Pit

The Solostove Pi Fire can be added to several of Solostove’s fire pits and is priced much more affordably than the standalone Pi pizza oven we did a review on earlier this year. The Pi Fire will come in three sizes each suitable for use with the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon-sized Solostove smokeless fire pits. Pricing starts at just $269.99 for the Ranger (smallest) and $479.99 for the Yukon. Both the Yukon and the Ranger have yet to be released but if you want to pick up a Bonfire ($359.99 MSRP) you can order one now directly from for a sale price of $239.99. For more information and details on the new Pi Fire pizza ovens, you can visit

Solostove's Pi Fire Pizza Ovens For Your Solostove Fire Pit

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