23Zero Stainless Steel Firepit and BBQ – Features

Check out the 23Zero Stainless Steel Firepit and BBQ here:

Any BBQ on a balmy night is unbeatable – but if you ever decline a burger cooked with the Firepit and BBQ by 23 Zero, we can assure you it would be a huge missed-steak!

With a lightweight flat-pack design and included carry bag for perfect portability and easy storage, there’s no need to trim the fat on your vehicle load. Its grill bridge is both detachable and adjustable, allowing heat control across four heights for the perfect snag at sundown, and an open fire experience when removed.

Owed to the robust stainless-steel construction of the body, cooking grill and bridge, your firepit and BBQ are protected against the heat and hostility of the outdoors, with the food-grade features promising burger patties free of toxins.

Its elevation component coupled with the protective heatshield underneath deters heat from the ground, enabling use from forest paths to national parks. Be it wooden stumps or charcoal lumps, cook with an array of fuel sources including wood, heat bead, charcoal, and briquettes.

Designed for the BBQ chefs, or simply those who will risk it for the brisket – the 23 Zero Firepit and BBQ is a camper’s culinary companion when the steaks are high!

00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Product overview and specs
02:01 – Materials and construction
02:36 – Features
03:01 – Strength test
03:38 – BBQ Vs Firepit
04:04 – Heat management
04:41 – Versatility and pack-up
05:04 – Summary and best uses

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