4 Delicious Camping Meal Ideas | Camping Food Beginners | Easy Camping Meals for Family

We are so excited to finally be able to head back out for some camping trips, and this season we are upping our cooking. If you know Andy and I, you know we love food, especially if its cooked over a campfire! Over the last few weekends, we tried some new recipes as well as some tried and true ones. We didn’t want to keep you waiting, so here are 4 DELICIOUS CAMPING MEAL IDEAS. We have a lot more recipes planned over the summer and we’ll also be posting individual recipe videos for some of these, so stayed tuned. In this video you’ll find:

0:21 – Shepherd’s Breakfast
2:18 – Steak and Corn on the Cob
4:07 – Quesadillas
5:07 – Greek Beed Stew

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