Avid Outdoorsman Product Showcase: Featuring Captain Ed, DOA Lures


In this episode of Avid Outdoorsman Product Showcase, we interview Captain Ed from DOA Lures.

Hey everybody, this is Jeff from Avid Outdoorsman and I hope you’re doing great. 

Today we’re talking with the people at DOA Lures. They make a lot of soft plastics, mostly for saltwater. They’ve really grown over time, they have a great story, they’re based in Florida. They are USA-based and USA manufactured. I’m really looking forward to talking with them. We’ve used their products a number of times on the water and they’ve done really well.  

Captain Ed is the guy that’s with us today from the DOA Lures. He spent 20 years a professional guide. He spent his whole life on the water, on the east coast of Florida, fishing all kinds of species, so he knows what he’s talking about. He’s tested and helped build a lot of lures that we’re going to talk about today, lots of trial and error type of stuff. 

Captain Ed was also a tournament Pro in the Redfish Tour.  He really knows what’s he’s talking about, he’s fished up and down the East Coast and all over the place.

So sit back and enjoy the show, Avid Outdoorsman Product Showcase!

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