Fishing Tips – How to Crimp


This is a fishing tutorial video that shows how to crimp both cable and monofilament. Crimping is a required knowledge in order to learn how to create big game fishing rigs and leaders. Always use copper crimping sleeves for cable and aluminum crimping sleeves for monofilament. Whether your deep sea fishing for marlin offshore on a boat or shark fishing from the beach, you will need to know how to properly crimp, so that you can create strong rigs that are able to withstand the power of these fish.


– Wire Cutters
– Hand Swager AKA Crimper tool


– Crane Swivel
– 2.3mm Stainless Steel Thimbles
– 2.3mm Oval Aluminum Crimps
– 1.9mm Double Barrel Copper Crimps
– 480lb 49-strand cable
– 500lb monofilament


This video was filmed by Chad Crawford from



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